August 15, 2019

Family Sitting On A Couch

Perhaps you’ve thought of using in home dental care for you or your loved one before, but thought, “It just won’t work in our situation.” Well, the dentists at In Motion Dentists are here to set the record straight. Here are 5 common misconceptions about mobile dentistry that Inland Empire families often have, and the truth behind those myths.

1. In Home Dental Care Can Only Occur in My Home

Because of the level of dental care, many Inland Empire residents mistakenly believe that mobile dentists can only operate in a private home. That’s simply not true! In Motion Dentists’ dentists frequently visit patients in nursing home settings to provide much needed dental care, or even in a professional office room or hotel rooms in the case of busy professionals traveling for work and suddenly having a dental emergency that needs immediate attention.

2. Mobile Dentists Can’t Provide Anesthetic or Sedation Options

When the dentists at In Motion Dentists comes to your home, hotel room, or care facility, they brings an entire dental office to you. This includes anesthetics and sedation options if you desire them for yourself or your loved one who is being treated. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort when choosing in home dental care. In fact, our previous patients often report that their visits are the most comfortable they’ve ever felt sitting in a dentist’s chair.

3. My Home Doesn’t Have Enough Room to Set Up a Makeshift Dental Office In It

Many Inland Empire residents think their home is too small for the dentists at In Motion Dentists to set up their dental chair and all of the equipment in their space. This is especially true for families who are providing care to a loved one at home and might already have a lot of space dedicated to medical beds or assistive devices.

However, as a provider of in home dental care, the dentists with In Motion Dentists are extremely experienced in working in these situations. And since they are able to fit all of the dental equipment in a small vehicle, you know he’ll be able to set it up in your home, too!

3. In Home Dental Care is Only for the Wealthy

Some people incorrectly assume the only people who use mobile dentists are business executives and Hollywood celebrities. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! In fact, In Motion Dentists often does second opinions and find that their fees are less expensive than traditional dental office fees. Also, In Motion Dentists’ main group of patients are those with special needs who either can’t leave home, live in a care facility, or are otherwise uncomfortable or ineligible to be seen in a dentist’s office. From autism to Alzheimer’s to physical disabilities, the dentists at In Motion Dentists have a passion for working with the special needs population to provide them with the excellent dental care they deserve.

4. Our Dental Emergency Won’t Fit Into a Mobile Dentist’s Busy Schedule

You may think that there’s no way a busy mobile dentist with In Motion Dentists can fit your’s or your loved one’s dental emergency into their busy schedule. Think again. In Motion Dentists often are able to come see you that same day, and almost always within 24 hours. Whether you have a toothache, a chipped tooth, or a tooth that’s been knocked out, In Motion Dentists will find a mutually convenient time to take care of your dental emergency as soon as possible.

Learning More About Mobile Dentistry

Now that you know that mobile dentistry really could work for you or the loved one you care for, it’s time to reach out to In Motion Dentists so you can learn more about their services and they can learn more about your special case. To do so, contact In Motion Dentists in the Inland Empire today at (626) 210-0941.