Mother Embracing Special Needs Child

Los Angeles and Orange County patients with special needs are those who have physical, medical, intellectual or physical disabilities, and require special consideration when receiving dental treatment. These terms and conditions can include people with Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, hip fractures and many other conditions or injuries that can make standard dental procedures more difficult to complete.

Why “In Motion Dentists”?

What makes In Motion Dentists unique is that our doctors extend their services to everyone. They understand the challenges they must face when treating special needs patients in Los Angeles and Orange County and have compiled a few techniques to help make every appointment a successful one. Many of the special needs population will be declined dental services because of the complexity or difficulty of their case. Many times, dental health professionals resort to sedation so the patient will comply during treatment. Although our doctors are certified to use oral sedation, they find greater success in their learned and acquired techniques and calming demeanor while performing dental treatment. Their goal is to build trust with patients and make a dental visit less intimidating than is typically seen.

Our Credibility

A challenge that the special needs population face is the lack of qualified dentists who have the advanced training and experience needed to treat this segment of the population. Our doctors are California Board-Certified dentists and members of multiple dental health organizations. While our doctors were in dental school, many of the patients they treated had a disability. During that time, they discovered their passion and unique skill for treating this population. In their final year of dental school, they also took it upon themselves to shadow and work with a dentist that specialized in working with the special needs population. Since founding In Motion Dentists in 2014, Dr. Banner has expanded his practice and provides complete comprehensive dental services to anyone who needs in-home dental services in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Our Affiliations

Amongst the other organizations he is involved with, Dr. Banner is an active member of the Special Care Dentistry Association. This association is a national organization that serves as a resource to all oral health care professionals who are dedicated to serving patients with special needs. The healthcare industry is always improving, and this organization of health professionals constantly educates and updates their members.

In Motion Dentists also works closely or is contracted with:

  • College Hospital of Cerritos
  • West Covina Medical Center
  • San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
  • Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

This population is underserved and underfunded, and we are glad that we can at least take care of the patients who come to us in need of dental care. For more information about billing call our office at (626) 594-0374.

Helpful Tools and Devices for Oral Health

If you know of anyone who is a part of the special needs population and are actively looking for better alternatives for improving their tools for a more efficient oral cleanse, here are some of the top adaptive oral care products and devices:

  1. Open Wide Mouth Prop: This product is good for caretakers to help hold the patient’s mouth open while brushing. They won’t have to risk getting bit by using their fingers. Also, this allows the person who is brushing to brush the tongue, sides of the teeth, and the biting surface of the teeth.
  2. Oral Swabs: Great for Los Angeles and Orange County patients who are unable to swish and spit with mouthwash. Simply dip the oral swab in the mouthwash and swab the inside of the mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums. Using the Open Wide Mouth Prop can help if the person doesn’t open on command.
  3. Biotene Dry Mouth Rinse: Many elderly people, those who have gone through chemo/radiation treatment and those on a variety of medications can have dry mouth. Dry mouth can quickly lead to rampant cavities. It’s important to keep the mouth moist. Use this mouthwash 2-4 times per day to lubricate the inside of the mouth. Use Oral Swabs if the person is not able to swish and spit.
  4. Gripit Floss Holder: It can be difficult for a person with certain disabilities or who is elderly to wrap the floss around their fingers and floss. This device has a wide handle for better grip and better control.
  5. WaterPikWater Flosser: A water flosser is used to get food and plaque out from between the teeth and to massage and clean the gums by shooting a stream of water. We like the cordless one for better portability for Los Angeles and Orange County patients and caregivers to use in the shower since it can get a little messy. Though a water flosser isn’t meant to replace traditional flossing, it can be a great substitute when flossing is not possible.
  6. Enamalon Toothpaste: This toothpaste provides fluoride absorption into the teeth as well as Calcium and Phosphate minerals (which is what our teeth are made up of already) to help prevent cavities from forming or to re-mineralize areas where a cavity is beginning to form. This toothpaste also helps prevent tooth sensitivity and gingivitis when used twice a day.
  7. Electric Toothbrush: The use of an electric toothbrush can vastly improve oral health. The ultrasonic vibrations clean teeth quickly. An electric toothbrush also has a wider handle for better grip for those who have trouble firmly gripping a traditional manual toothbrush. We like the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrush and the Crest Oral B Pro Series toothbrush. The cost is a bit high ($100-$150) but can save money in the long run by preventing cavities better.
  8. Toothbrush Adaptors: Here are a few ideas to give someone better grip on a toothbrush so patients can keep brushing their teeth on their own. Our favorites are using a bicycle handle or a tennis ball around the toothbrush handle. 

It’s more than just an exam. We offer comprehensive special needs dental care in Los Angeles and Orange County! Call to schedule an appointment today at (626) 594-0374.