August 29, 2019

Couple Smiling Sitting In A Living RoomRedlands nursing homes are amazing places filled with loving staff who care for our loved ones, mainly the elderly, when it’s no longer possible to provide them the level of care they need at home. But with all the medical needs and activities of daily living care that is provided in nursing homes, one important aspect of healthcare is missing – dental care.

While some nursing home residents are ambulatory enough to be transported to a dentist on a biannual basis for regular teeth cleanings and checkups, many Redlands nursing home patients are unable to leave their facilities due to their diagnoses and medical needs. If this sounds like your loved one living in a local nursing home facility, then nursing home dental care from In Motion Dentists can provide your family member with the ongoing oral healthcare he or she needs.

The Importance of Maintaining Bi-Annual Dental Appointments, Even in Advanced Age

One of the main reasons that nursing home dental care is important for patients of advanced age is that certain dental conditions, such as periodontal disease, can increase a patient’s risk for other life-threatening health conditions, like heart disease or stroke. The dentists with In Motion Dentists know that you want to do everything possible to extend your loved one’s lifespan and keep him or her as comfortable as possible. Routine dental care can help.

When In Motion Dentists visit Redlands nursing homes, they either work with the patient in his or her bed if he or she can’t move out of it, or sets up their portable dental chair for your loved one to comfortably relax in. They begin the examination by checking the status of your loved one’s teeth and looking for any signs of decay or discomfort that your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa might not be able to communicate to nursing care staff.

To begin the teeth cleaning, our dentists work gently to scrape plaque and tartar off your loved one’s teeth, brush his or her teeth with special tooth polish, and floss his or her teeth. All along, he’s looking for signs of gum disease – also known as periodontal disease – which can lead to both dental and medical health complications.

When More Than a Routine Teeth Cleaning Is Needed

Whether your loved one has told his or her Redlands nursing care team that he or she has a toothache, or our dentists suspect one based on the presentation of your loved one’s teeth, they are able to address this issue. If tooth decay is present, the dentist can numb your loved one to remove and fill a cavity. If more advanced tooth decay is present, then a tooth extraction may be necessary to provide your family member the pain relief he or she needs. Your loved one’s nursing home dental care needs will be assessed based on his or her unique oral health presentation, and symptoms he or she may be demonstrating or reporting.

Finding a Caring Mobile Dentist for Nursing Home Dental Care

We know you only want the best for your loved one who lives in a nursing home. We might be a little biased, but we believe the dentists at In Motion Dentists are the best mobile dentist for your nursing home dental care needs!

With a passion for serving the elderly population, our dentists commit their practice to being a “road warrior” and traveling throughout the Redlands and the entire Inland Empire to provide professional dental care to individuals living in nursing homes.

To learn more about our practice, In Motion Dentists, and how to schedule an appointment for your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa, call (626) 210-0941.