No one wants to go through life with missing teeth. Not only does it compromise your healthy, beautiful smile, but when left untreated, tooth loss can also lead to shifting of teeth and loss of bone support. In Motion Dentists is pleased to offer a full spectrum of treatment options for patients dealing with missing teeth, and one of the go-to solutions is a dental bridge. Take a moment to learn more about getting dental bridges in La Verne, CA.

What are Dental Bridges?

Bridges are dental prosthetics that are fabricated to look as indistinguishable as possible from your own natural teeth. Bridges are held into place by existing teeth that are adjacent to the gap. Teeth that help sustain the bridge are referred to as abutments, whereas the tooth that is being replaced is known as the pontic.

Bridges are an ideal solution for patients who are missing one or a few teeth but whose oral health is otherwise robust. Dental bridges can also be excellent restorative options for patients who already have implants in place.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

The best way to determine whether you are a good candidate for a dental bridge is to meet with a dentist from In Motion Dentists for a one-on-one evaluation. We accept clients from across Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Generally speaking, good candidates for bridges are patients who:

  • Are missing a single tooth or two consecutive teeth as long as there is a healthy tooth behind and in front of the missing tooth/teeth.
  • Do not have any untreated severe gum disease.
  • Have natural teeth or dental implants that are strong enough to hold the bridge in place.

Learn More About Getting a Dental Bridge in La Verne, CA

To find out more about the benefits of dental bridges, we welcome you to contact the friendly, welcoming staff at In Motion Dentists in La Verne, CA. Call (626) 210-0941 today.

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