At In Motion Dentists, we take pride in offering exceptional care for the entire family. This includes younger patients, but it also includes those who are advanced in age, even those who might have more limited mobility or who might require support from a full-time caretaker. It is our pleasure to offer elderly dental care, always emphasizing our high standards of comfort, safety, and professionalism.

What Is Elderly Dental Care?

People of all ages require routine dental care, but elderly patients often have acute needs and particular physical barriers. For example:

  • Elderly patients often have physical ailments that inhibit their mobility, making it challenging for them to perform their typical oral hygiene routine.
  • It is also common for patients of advanced age to have special needs, such as dementia, that some dental professionals are unprepared to accommodate.
  • Due to mobility issues as well as a lower likelihood of being able to drive, elderly patients often do not see their dental professional as often as they should.
  • Elderly patients may have underlying health problems that increase their risk of oral health complications, as well as surgical complications.

Due to these factors, elderly patients are more susceptible to periodontitis, tooth decay, and other oral health concerns. The role of elderly dental care is to address these concerns in a compassionate and effective way.

Our Approach to Elderly Dental Care

At In Motion Dentists, our goal is to make elderly dental care as accessible as possible to patients. Here is a summary of how our process works.

  • As a caretaker, you can contact In Motion Dentists to schedule an appointment in the elderly person’s home, or in a nursing home or senior care center.
  • Our dental professionals will arrive with a full suite of state-of-the-art instruments. You do not need to do anything to prepare for our visit.
  • Our dental professionals will provide a comprehensive dental examination and cleaning, as well as any other required treatment that can be performed during that appointment. With extensive experience serving senior patients and special needs patients, our team can help elderly patients feel comfortable and safe throughout the examination.
  • If any follow-up treatments are needed, we will discuss this with both the patient and the caretaker before we leave.

Common Dental Issues for Elderly Patients

Elderly patients face a heightened risk for oral health complications, including:

  • Tooth Decay and Loss. Elderly patients who receive less frequent care may be at a higher risk for significant infection, tooth degradation, and, ultimately, tooth loss.
  • Gum Disease. Infrequent dental treatment may also increase elderly patients’ risk for periodontitis (infection of the gum tissue), which can further weaken the teeth.
  • Dry Mouth. Dry mouth is commonly associated with many medical conditions that affect elderly patients.
  • Uneven Jawbone. Elderly patients may have complications with their jawbone caused by bone atrophy, traumatic accidents, and more.
  • Oral Cancer. The risk of oral cancer can increase with age, making routine checks and dental evaluations imperative.

At In Motion Dentists, our team has a proven track record of diagnosing, treating, and preventing these conditions for elderly patients throughout the nearby communities.

Schedule Elderly Dental Care from In Motion Dentists

Caregivers play a unique role in ensuring elderly patients receive the medical and dental attention they require. To schedule an in-home appointment, contact the team at In Motion Dentists at (626) 594-0374.