• Who are the patients who most frequently utilize In Motion Dentists?

    We frequently make house call visits to health care facilities for the elderly, rehabilitation facilities, or in home for those patients who are unable to be seen in a traditional dental practice setting because of special needs or medical complications. We work together with families, caretakers, and facilities to help make this experience as pleasant as possible and eliminate the stress that comes with getting to a dentist.

  • What treatment will I receive during my visit?

    At your initial visit, we will review your medical history, medications and discuss your needs/desires to improve your dental health. This is the most important part of the exam. You will receive a comprehensive exam which may involve taking x-rays and/or photographs. We will provide you with our recommendations on what dental treatment is suited for you, keeping in mind health, safety, and your dental needs/desires. Before leaving we will strive to answer all your questions and concerns as thoroughly as possible.

  • Will I have dental treatment during my initial visit?

    The purpose of our initial visit is to obtain the necessary information (medical history, medications, dental history, current dental health status of the patient) to improve your overall oral health. We also have the ability to resolve urgent matters at the initial visit. A comprehensive exam allows us to fully understand your dental needs and concerns. If we can do procedures safely in the home, or facility we will do so. We have portable dental equipment for that purpose.

  • Will I have a cleaning during my initial visit?

    Due to the need for a comprehensive exam and review of your medical history prior to beginning any treatment, we often do not schedule cleanings for the initial visit. Time is also a factor in this decision since knowing what type of cleaning you need and how long the cleaning will take is not known until we have seen you first. At the initial visit, we will discuss the type of cleaning you need and options for receiving this cleaning.

  • How long will my house call take?

    The average initial exam appointment, including the exam and x-rays takes approximately one hour. However, your dentist will spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure that all your questions or concerns have been addressed.

  • Do you take x-rays during the visit?

    Yes. X-rays are a standard tool for dentists. Our portable x-ray machine and lead vests ensure minimal exposure to radiation (equal to or less than in-office x-rays). The x-ray images are digital, and can be viewed immediately and interpreted by our dentist on a laptop computer at your initial visit.

  • What if I need treatment that cannot be provided in my home?

    There are some dental procedures that cannot be completed in the home/facility due to the complexity of the treatment or health and safety considerations. In these cases, we would refer you to a specialist who will be able to provide you with the dental care needed.

  • Will you talk to my family/caregiver?

    With your permission, we will involve anyone you request in your care decisions, including family members, caregivers, or healthcare providers. We also work with conservators, guardians, and those with Power of Attorney (POA). We encourage those who will be involved in the decisions making regarding treatment to be present for the initial exam visit if possible.

  • What if I have a dental emergency?

    In Motion Dentists are qualified to treat many forms of dental emergencies at the patient’s residence. You may be able to avoid a trip to the hospital emergency room if you call us first. For your dental emergencies call the office at (626) 594-0374.