Sedation dentistry involves the use of commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication or IV sedation to keep you calm and comfortable at the dental office. Some of our patients are nervous because they are afraid that treatment will hurt. Others are embarrassed because they have not seen a dentist for years. If dental appointments make you anxious, Dr. Wade Banner, Dr. Marc Bernardo, Dr. Andrew Peterson, and Dr. Austin Wessling can help guide you.

At In Motion Dentists, our calm environment, gentle techniques, and use of sedation will help you have positive, comfortable dental experiences. We offer different levels of sedation to match your procedure and anxiety level.

Our Sedation Options

Before recommending sedation options, In Motion Dentists will carefully review your medical, dental, and prescription histories. We will also listen as you describe your anxiety and what causes it. We will explain which sedation options match your needs after we understand your anxiety level, preferences, and oral health status.

Our sedation options include oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Oral sedation is an anti-anxiety pill you would take before your appointment. We can also administer IV sedation that puts you in a ‘twilight state’ and allows you to continue to communicate with the doctors. With IV sedation, you often do not remember the procedure, which allows you to complete dental care without anxiety or fear. In Motion Dentists also provides the option of full GA sedation to be completely put to sleep with our Dental Anesthesiologist, who comes to our office once a month. This is a great option for those who have extreme anxiety or fear or who might have an intellectual disability that prevents them from being cooperative during the other types of sedation we offer.

Whether you come to our office or our mobile dentistry team comes to you, we will give you high-quality care that ensures your safety and comfort.

What About Oral Sedation for Kids?

We understand that kids can get nervous at the dentist, too. If you are interested in sedation for your child, we provide safe GA sedation with our Dental Anesthesiologist. We always try to make kids’ visits fun to help them look forward to seeing the dentist and avoid sedation. We welcome you to ask us about oral sedation for kids.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Although we use local anesthesia for painless treatment, sedation dentistry further reduces pain sensitivity. Other benefits include:

  • Anxiety Relief – Reducing your anxiety level and discomfort helps you keep dental appointments and good oral health. Many formerly anxious patients now look forward to their visits.
  • Anterograde Amnesia – If you choose moderate IV sedation, it can produce anterograde amnesia. You will have little to no recall of your procedure.
  • Faster Procedures – Your relaxed state helps us complete more dental work faster. Your reflexes will relax, and you will need fewer breaks.

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At In Motion Dentists in La Verne, California, we handle our patients with care. And our sedation options can make your visit even better. We welcome you to request an appointment today at (626) 210-0941.