What Treatment Options are Available with In Home Dental Care?

In home dental care can take on several different meanings. At In Motion Dentists, it means providing high-quality in home dental care in almost any safe space across Orange County. That means that your doctor and his team of dental care professionals can come to your home, nursing home, office, hotel, and more!

Is a Follow-Up Appointment Required After In Home Dental Care Treatment?

At In Motion Dentists, your doctor and his team of dental professionals take pride in the privilege of offering exceptional in home dental care to homebound elderly patients in Los Angeles. As we age, oral health care largely affects our overall well being, and our doctors believe that this underserved population should be cared for properly—even if they are unable to visit a traditional brick and mortar dental office.

Top Qualities of a Dentist who Treats Patients with Special Needs

Every year, your doctor sees many patients for special needs dental care. In fact, with his mobile dentist practice, he goes to them—where they’re most at ease. Because he has been providing in-home dental care since 2014, your doctor knows how hard it is for patients with special needs to find reliable, high-quality dental care in Orange County.

How Long Are In Home Dental Care Appointments?

Your doctor and his team of dental professionals are committed to you—the patient. Their goal is to treat you just like family by providing the highest level of in home dental care available. They are able to accomplish this because your doctor has invested in portable, compact dental equipment that can be taken anywhere.

How Often Should Elderly Patients Get Dental Care Check Ups?

Routine dental care is important—no matter the age or stage. So, if your loved one requires elderly dental care, they should be seen at least twice a year. However, In Motion Dentists understands that this is easier said than done for the elderly population in Orange County. Many seniors struggle to physically visit a traditional dental office due to various physical or mental health conditions.

Oral Care Products & Alternatives for Patients with Special Needs

At In Motion Dentists of Orange County, your doctor and his team have been providing professional mobile special needs dental care for many men and women across the county since 2014. Those with special needs are patients who have physical, medical, intellectual, or physical disabilities requiring special consideration and assistance during professional dental treatment.

The Benefits of In Home Dental Care for Emergencies

Have you ever broken a tooth at dinner, or lost a crown while you were enjoying a late-night movie and some popcorn? Or maybe you’ve had an accident over the weekend that resulted in a damaged tooth or intense mouth pain. No matter the reason for the need of emergency dental care, it’s not always easy to find a dentist who works after hours.

The Importance of Dental Care for Elderly Patients

Since 2014, your doctor has provided the men and women of Orange County with high-quality elderly dental care. He and his team of dental professionals, value this patient population because they are aware of how underserved they are.