Oral Care Products & Alternatives for Patients with Special Needs

At In Motion Dentists of Orange County, your doctor and his team have been providing professional mobile special needs dental care for many men and women across the county since 2014. Those with special needs are patients who have physical, medical, intellectual, or physical disabilities requiring special consideration and assistance during professional dental treatment.

The Benefits of In Home Dental Care for Emergencies

Have you ever broken a tooth at dinner, or lost a crown while you were enjoying a late-night movie and some popcorn? Or maybe you’ve had an accident over the weekend that resulted in a damaged tooth or intense mouth pain. No matter the reason for the need of emergency dental care, it’s not always easy to find a dentist who works after hours.

The Importance of Dental Care for Elderly Patients

Since 2014, your doctor has provided the men and women of Orange County with high-quality elderly dental care. He and his team of dental professionals, value this patient population because they are aware of how underserved they are.

Common Oral Health Issues in Elderly Patients That Require Dental Care

At In Motion Dentists, your doctor and his team take pride in having the opportunity to provide seniors with dental care to those who are homebound in Orange County. In fact, it’s one of the key reasons your doctor started his mobile dental practice. This patient population is sadly underserved due to health conditions that prevent

Who Can Benefit from In Home Dental Care Visits?

While most people think that resolving a toothache requires a trip to their local dentist, the truth is that there are several people in the Inland Empire in need of thorough dental care who can’t leave home. Whether they’re pregnant and on bedrest, recovering from chemotherapy

What Are the Unique Oral Health Needs of Patients with Special Needs?

It’s sad, but it’s true. In the special needs dental care field, it’s a known fact that patients with special needs tend to get less frequent dental care than others. Oftentimes, the reason that a special needs patient may not have bi-annual dental cleanings and emergency dental care