August 1, 2019

Young Woman Hugging ManMany Redlands patients are beginning to choose concierge dental care over traditional, in-office dental care. The reasons are plenty. Some who choose to be cared for by a mobile dentist like In Motion Dentists are busy business executives who simply can’t fit a trip to their local dentist into their ever-changing schedules. Others might work odd hours, and not be available when a regular dentist holds appointments for teeth cleanings, drillings, and fillings, or dental emergencies.

Whatever your unique reason for considering a mobile dentist for your oral health care needs, you should know that there are big differences between concierge dental care from a mobile dentist who visits you in your Redlands home or office, and a regular dentist who you visit in his or her office. Here are 3 of the biggest differences you need to know about.

1. A Concierge Dentist Works Around YOUR Schedule and Doesn’t Expect You To Squeeze in a Visit During Normal Business Hours

Most dentists in the Redlands area operate on a Monday to Friday schedule, working from around 8 am (for those trying to schedule an appointment before the workday begins) to 5 pm. Many local dentists also take Friday afternoons off. If you’re a busy executive, a lawyer or judge whose court schedule is constantly changing, or an ER doctor on call, scheduling routine cleanings or even emergency dental care might be impossible due to the unique time demands of your profession.

Working with In Motion Dentists is different. Not only do their dentists visit you at the most convenient location for you, but they also work with your schedule. This means the dentist blocks out appointment times for evening and weekend dental visits, so you can receive the comprehensive dental care you need and deserve at a time that meets your demanding work schedule.

2. Concierge Dentist with In Motion Dentists Can Visit You Immediately in the Event of a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are never fun. Whether it’s a toothache that has come on suddenly, or you’ve chipped or fractured a tooth, you know that your dental emergency requires urgent treatment. But finding the appropriate length of appointment to treat your emergency in a regular dentist’s schedule may be next to impossible if he or she has a large practice and sees several patients a day.

Mobile dentists who provide concierge services, like In Motion Dentists, specifically build out time in their schedule to be available for the dental emergencies he knows his clients will inevitably encounter. Furthermore, if you’re really hurting and need to be seen now, Dr. Banner can pick up his portable dental office and meet you at the most convenient location for you at a moment’s notice.

3. Concierge Dental Care Includes an Annual Retainer and No House-Call Fee, Which Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars Per Visit

By providing concierge dental care to those working and living in the Redlands area, Dr. Banner offers a unique, annual retainer for his patients. You pay $2,500 a year for his on-demand services – where he meets you anywhere in Southern California – and he never charges you a house-call fee.

Your annual retainer secures you 2 exams every year, unlimited dental X-rays, up to 4 cleanings and fluoride treatments every year (spread out 3 months apart), and a 10% discount on any additional recommended dental treatment – such as a crown, filling or veneers.

Choosing In Motion Dentists for Concierge Dental Care

If you’re ready to choose In Motion Dentists as your mobile dentist and for your annual dental needs in Redlands, simply call them today to get set up as a patient, and learn about our processes and pricing plans for additional dental services. We can be reached at (626) 210-0941.