October 16, 2018

Mature Female Pointing at teeth while SmilingThere are a variety of reasons why Los Angeles County residents skip the biannual teeth cleanings they know they need from a dentist. Some of the reasons include a medical or mental health condition that precludes them from going to a dentist’s office; others might be having irregular work hours or having dentistry anxiety. What’s worse, some Southern California residents who know they have a dental issue that needs to be addressed still aren’t able to make it to the dentist for these reasons, and more.

Patients who, for whatever reason, are unable or unwilling to come to the dentist office for the treatment they need can greatly benefit from the personalized treatment of a mobile dentist like Dr. Banner. With portable dental equipment that he brings to every house visit, Dr. Banner is able to create a state-of-the-art workspace wherever you or your loved one is most comfortable, providing you or the person you care for with the utmost standard of dental care. Here are four reasons that Los Angeles County residents should consider building a relationship with and seeking care from a mobile dentist. 

1.Patients Who Can’t Make it to a Dentist Office Due to Medical or Mental Health Reasons Still Need Regular Dental Care

There are a variety of medical and mental health diagnoses that could preclude the loved one that you care for day in and day out from making a routine trip to a dentist. Some of these might include having an intellectual disability, being on the Autism spectrum, having phobias, being of advanced age, or having Alzheimer’s or dementia. Mobile dentist, Dr. Banner of In Motion Dentists, has a strong background in working with this exact patient population in their homes or other areas they are most comfortable in. Whether your loved one needs routine dental care to prevent infections and promote proper oral health, or you suspect he or she may be suffering from a dental condition that needs urgent attention, Dr. Banner is always available to meet you where you are in Los Angeles County.

2. You May Not Be Able to Go to a Dentist During Typical Work Hours, But Dr. Banner Can Meet You Where You Are After Hours

Some Los Angeles County residents just have crazy work schedules. This is especially true of the many airline industry workers and business executives who live in Southern California. You may be so busy traveling or calling the shots at work that you literally can’t even find a window of time to get your teeth cleaned, much less have that toothache that’s been bothering you for the past week looked at. People with busy work schedules don’t need to sacrifice their dedication to their careers to receive the proper dental care they need. Mobile dentist Dr. Banner is available to meet you at your home, office or hotel, and is even available after hours if you have an emergency that just can’t wait.

3. Concierge Dental Care Makes Many Patients with Dentistry Anxiety Feel Much More Relaxed for Their Cleanings

Dentistry anxiety isn’t something that someone just made up. As a trained dental professional, Dr. Banner understands that dentistry anxiety is real and that many Los Angeles County residents sacrifice their oral health for emotional comfort by avoiding trips to the dentist. With his caring approach and advanced training in working with those who suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Banner believes he can provide these local patients with the routine dental care they deserve in an environment they’ll feel safe and comfortable in. As a local mobile dentist, he believes his portable dental care is a win-win for patients with dentistry fears and anxieties as they are able to receive the dental care they need in an emotionally safe environment.

4. Mobile Dentists Like Dr. Banner Have a Passion for Helping Patients Who Would Otherwise Go Without Their Much Needed Dental Care

Being a mobile dentist in Los Angeles County of all places isn’t exactly easy. It means long hours in deadlock traffic, extended dentist appointments to make sure the patient with special needs is as comfortable as possible, and investing in portable dental equipment – not to mention lugging it around or setting it up a few time a day. But Dr. Banner wouldn’t have it any other way. From working with patients with special needs in dental school, Dr. Banner developed a passion and a heart for serving those who would otherwise receive no dental care at all. In a country with as advanced dental care, as we have, Dr. Banner believes nobody should be left behind, despite their medical or mental health diagnosis, and he’s answered a true calling by becoming a mobile dentist for those who would otherwise be marginalized.

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