October 2, 2018

Close Up of Dental Mirror Held up to Female's MouthEveryone needs routine dental care, but have you ever considered concierge dental care? Yes, it’s true. Even in this day and age and even in Los Angeles County, doctors and dentists still make house calls to see their patients. We realize this old tradition may seem like too new of a concept to you, so we thought we’d explain 3 of the reasons you might choose concierge dental care instead of a traditional dentistry model.

  1. Your Life Is Too Busy to Fit into a Traditional Dentist’s Schedule

It seems like everywhere you go in Los Angeles County, everyone’s busy trying to get there. Maybe that’s why there’s all that traffic! The simple fact is, though, some people’s lives really are that packed that even though they know routine dental care is important, they just can’t fit into their schedule. Whether you’re a lawyer billing 70+ hours a week, putting in long hours at a startup, or you’re a business executive, Dr. Banner created his concierge dental care model for busy people just like you. Instead of scheduling your next dental check-up six months in advance (because let’s face it, you can’t even think through your schedule for the next 6 hours, how you are supposed to know what you’ll be doing half a year from now), In Motion Dentists makes short notice trips throughout LA to meet you with our portable dental equipment where it’s most comfortable and convenient for you to have your dental check up! Whether that’s in your home, at the office or a hotel.

  1. Your Job Requires You to Travel at a Moment’s Notice

Some Southern Californians travel for a living, like pilots and flight attendants, and always have schedules that adjust. That type of work schedule makes it difficult to make and keep your personal-care appointments, making concierge dental care a smart choice for these individuals. Others, like the many C-Suite executives who live in Los Angeles County, work for national or multinational organizations and often find themselves booked on last-minute flights with airline crew members to make a last minute, in-person appearance at an important meeting. When you travel upwards of 75% of the time, it’s easy to put things like going to the dentist on the backburner, considering that you need some downtime to relax with your friends or family, read a good book, or spend time golfing or doing another hobby to keep your life balanced. Concierge dental care is a great option for these frequent flyers as it allows you to maintain regular dental care at a time and place that’s convenient for you, even after hours if needed.

  1. You Have Dentist Anxiety

As an experienced mobile dentist who has worked with several patients who have dental anxiety, Dr. Banner knows this condition is real. Whether your fear of the dentist started in childhood or adulthood, this type of anxiety can keep you from seeking dental care even when you know you need it – like when you’re suffering from throbbing tooth pain. By bringing his portable dental equipment to a place where you feel comfortable and safe, Dr. Banner’s concierge dental care takes the “going to the dentist” part of the equation off the table and visits you wherever you’ll be best able to relax for your treatment in Los Angeles County.

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