September 18, 2018

Smiling Older Female with Curly White HairIf the idea of a dentist who still makes house calls seems outdated to you in this day and age, think again. Mobile dentists like Dr. Banner in Orange County, provide in-home dental care to several local residents who would normally go without the much needed dental care that they need. You may be wondering, with today’s advancement in technology and access to dentists in nearly every strip mall you drive by, why you might need a dentist to come visit you in your home or office. Continue reading to learn about 5 services that a mobile dentist like Dr. Banner can provide to you or your family.

  1. Routine or Emergency Dental Care to Busy Business Executives

Those who call the shots in corporate America often have little time to devote to themselves, as they spend the time they’re not working connecting with their families. And as an Orange County resident, you know that many of those executives work right off the 405. If you’re a C-Suite level or Corporate Board Member, you likely travel frequently, have your schedule changing on a regular basis, and have a difficult time keeping personal appointments for yourself like a trip to a dentist for a teeth cleaning or to diagnosis the cause of a toothache. This is exactly why many Southern California executives like you choose a mobile dentist for their dental care needs. Available to meet you at home, in the office or even at a hotel at the time you need – even after hours – these specialised dentists can offer a higher level of service than the dentist your family members might visit for their routine dental care.

  1. Special Needs Dental Care Requires a Special Dentist

Special needs dentistry isn’t a service that all Orange County families need, but trust us, it means the world to the parents and other caregivers who do require it. If you’re caring for a loved one at home who has special needs, you want them to be cared for holistically. Sometimes, though, dental visits for even routine dental care can cause fear and anxiety in those who have medical challenges, mental impairments, or cognitive disabilities. A mobile dentist like Dr. Banner has special experience providing dental services to patients with special needs, providing for thorough visits, proper dental care, and more positive outcomes.

  1. Mobile Dentists Are Often the Best Choice for Elderly Dental Care

Whether that special senior citizen in your life lives in an Orange County nursing home or is homebound with a ‘round the clock caregiver, sometimes taking your elderly loved one to the dentist just isn’t possible. Whether he or she has memory impairment, a fear of interacting with strangers, or a compromised immune system, your typical dentist office might not be the most comfortable and safe environment for his or her dental care. A mobile dentist can provide a variety of dental care needs to senior citizens, from routine cleanings, deep cleanings, tooth extractions and partial or full dentures, all from the comfort of their nursing home room or your home.

  1. A Dental Emergency May Necessitate Your Dental Care Provider Meet You Where You Are

Dental emergencies are real. Whether you’ve suddenly developed an abscessed tooth that needs extraction, or chipped a tooth that could lead to an infection, these “Murphy” accidents always seem to happen on weekends, holidays or after hours, don’t they? In Motion Dentists is an mobile dentist who is available to meet you anywhere in Orange County after hours, allowing your dental emergency to be quickly addressed and often relieving your pain before your regular dentist can fit you in.

  1. Mobile Dentists Can Best Meet the Needs of Those With Crazy Schedules

Pilots, flight attendants, certain business executives and other professionals often have crazy schedules that simply don’t allow them the window of time needed to visit their favorite dentist when they’re available. And with more dentists scheduling their availability to meet their own needs or provide perks to those who work for them, such as only working on Fridays until noon or taking Fridays off altogether, it’s getting harder and harder to see your regular dentist when you need to. This can be especially difficult if you have a nagging issue that you want resolved ASAP. A mobile dentist can provide and resolve many emergent issues, including root canals and tooth extractions, meeting you at the time and place you need.

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Seeing a dentist who makes house calls is easier and more accessible than you may think. If you need to see a dentist right away, or are looking for a dental care provider who can more easily meet yours or your family’s special needs, call In Motion Dentists to learn more about our services at (626) 210-0941.