October 30, 2018

Mature Male in Black Glasses Standing in SunlightWearing dentures is often an important dental need in elderly dental care, especially for Orange County seniors who want to maintain the independence and dignity of being able to continue eating solid food. But as you likely already know, dentures don’t last forever. Even with proper daily care, dentures will need replacement at some point. This can be difficult to coordinate if that special senior in your life lives in a nursing home or is homebound and requires ‘round the clock caregiving.

Dr. Banner, a mobile dentist who provides elderly dental care to Orange County senior citizens, is available to replace full or partial dentures either in a nursing home setting or from the comfort of your own home – without you ever needing to arrange for travel to a traditional dentist’s office. Here are 5 signs from Dr. Banner that your’s or your loved one’s dentures are in need of replacement.

1.You have Difficulty Chewing Food

Dentures should give you the independence to eat food, not make it more difficult for you to chew. If you find that the trusty pair of dentures you’ve always worn are making it increasingly difficult to eat the food you normally eat, it might be time to have your dentures replaced.

2. Your Dentures Are No Longer Comfortable

Comfortably fitting dentures are an important part of elderly dental care for Orange County residents. If your dentures no longer fit comfortably or are causing any pain at all, it’s time for you to get a new set. Dentures should never cause you discomfort.

3. Your Gums and/or Mouth are Inflamed or Bleeding

Inflamed gums or gums that bleed are never a good sign. If you’re experiencing one of these issues and you wear dentures, you need a prompt dental examination to determine the cause of your condition and if your dentures need to be replaced.

4. Your Dentures Are Now Loose and No Longer Fitting Well

Elderly dental care experts like Orange County mobile dentist Dr. Banner will always tell you that dentures should fit well. If recently, your dentures are fitting loosely, or you have an otherwise undesirable fit, you need to have your dentures inspected to determine if they need to be replaced.

5. Your Dentures Are Cracked, Chipped or Broken

Denture integrity is extremely important in elderly dental care to provide senior citizens to eat the solid foods they want. However, if your dentures are cracked, chipped or broken, they may be preventing you from eating foods you used to enjoy biting down on with your dentures. You need your dentures examined by a dentist if your dentures are breaking down, and likely need to have them replaced altogether.

Scheduling an In-Home Visit for Dentures Inspections

We know that not all Orange County seniors have the mobility or access to transportation that they used to enjoy. That’s why at In Motion Dentists, we make house calls to visit you in your own home. If you or your loved one can’t leave home but is having a problem with his or her dentures, call our office at (626) 210-0941, so we can explain how we might be of assistance.