September 3, 2020

Young Woman Looking Over Grandma's ShoulderEvery year, your doctor sees many patients for special needs dental care. In fact, with his mobile dentist practice, he goes to them—where they’re most at ease. Because he has been providing in-home dental care since 2014, your doctor knows how hard it is for patients with special needs to find reliable, high-quality dental care in Orange County. This difficulty exists for many because the simple truth is that most dentists are not specially trained in providing dental care to patients with special needs.

When looking for a dentist to provide special needs dental care for your loved one, you should carefully consider each prospect to ensure they possess the qualities required of a dentist who treats patients with special needs. In this blog, we will provide some of the most vital things you should look for when making this important decision.

Top Qualities of an Orange County Dentist Who Treats Patients with Special Needs

Because special needs dental care is such a personal business, a diverse set of personality traits and qualities are required to allow them to work closely and effectively with this important patient population. Some of the top qualities you should look for when choosing a dentist to treat your loved one with special needs are:

  • They are trustworthy – While all patients need to feel they can trust their dentist, it’s even more important that patients with special needs feel that trust with their oral health care provider. That’s why your doctor takes time before every appointment to build a rapport with his Orange County patients and put them at ease before he begins any procedure or treatment.
  • They are approachable – Not only should dentists who provide special needs dental care be trustworthy, but they should also be approachable and have a good bedside manner. Your doctor and his team in Orange County pride themselves in providing excellent patient care in every way—including listening to their patients and their specific concerns, worries, fears, or needs. Their desire to make every patient feel valued is what makes them so approachable.
  • They are a good communicator – Because so many oral procedures can be complicated and filled with “medical speak,” it is important that a dentist who provides special needs dental care is able to clearly break down complex procedures into simple, easy to understand language that patients or caregivers can understand. Your doctor values patient education, which is why he carefully and thoroughly explains any diagnosis or recommended procedure in a way his patients or their caregivers can understand.
  • They show leadership characteristics – Dentists who provide care for those with special needs need to be leaders. Because decision making for these patients can be complicated, it’s important that your dentist provides confident recommendations, organized care, and positive outcomes that will truly benefit your loved one.
  • They should be passionate about providing care to those with special needs – Dentists who provide care to patients with special needs should be passionate about their work, as not everyone is equipped to work with these special patients. At In Motion Dentists, your doctor and his team are passionate about serving this patient population and consider it a privilege and honor to help and care for patients who have special needs.

At In Motion Dentists, Your Doctor Truly Cares About His Patients With Special Needs

It’s not every day you find a dentist who is truly passionate about providing special needs dental care to patients in Orange County. Your doctor strives to provide care for those that are incapable of obtaining regular or advanced dental treatment. In Motion Dentists offers complete, comprehensive, and aesthetic mobile special needs dental care in the comfort of your own home. Your doctor and his team of advanced professionals will make sure you and your loved one are provided with the highest quality of dental care.

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