September 17, 2020

Mature Female Smiling Showing Teeth In Need of Dental CareAt In Motion Dentists, your doctor and his team of dental professionals take pride in the privilege of offering exceptional in home dental care to homebound elderly patients in Los Angeles. As we age, oral health care largely affects our overall well being, and our doctors believe that this underserved population should be cared for properly—even if they are unable to visit a traditional brick and mortar dental office.

In Motion Dentists Mission

Your doctor and his team of dental professionals strive to offer in home dental care for patients who are unable to obtain regular or advanced dental treatment through traditional dental services. They offer complete, comprehensive, and aesthetic mobile dental services in the comfort of their patient’s home. Your doctor and his team of advanced professionals will make sure you and your loved ones are provided with the highest quality of dental care.

Follow-Up Appointments with In Motion Dentists

The team at In Motion Dentists cannot stress enough the importance of making and keeping regular dental appointments, as well as follow up appointments. Depending on the in home dental care services required by their patients, your doctor and his team may or may not require a follow-up appointment.

When your doctor or a member of his team visit your home or care facility, a personalized treatment plan will be developed based on the symptoms and problems you are currently experiencing. If you require a procedure to correct a problem, chances are your doctor will recommend at least one follow up appointment. And if he does, you should be careful to keep it. These follow-up appointments are not made to inconvenience you, but instead, they are needed in order to provide you with proper care and ensure you do not experience any complications.

The Reason You Should Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments

As we mentioned above, it is vital to your overall health to make and keep regular in home dental care appointments and follow up appointments. In fact, there is a direct connection between your dental health and your overall health. Los Angeles patients who do not maintain their oral health often suffer from chronic inflammation, tooth decay, tooth loss, and periodontal disease. These oral conditions have been directly related to diabetes, respiratory diseases, and stroke.

Your doctor and his team fully understand how busy lives cause many Los Angeles patients to neglect their oral health care. That’s why he developed a mobile, in home dental care service—so he can bring the dentist to you! When you choose to work with In Motion Dentists, you will not experience any wait times, as you will be the sole focus of your dentist during your appointment. In Motion Dentists offer the full spectrum of dental services, and each are designed to meet the needs of every client they see.

Choose In Motion Dentists For Your In Home Dental Care

In Motion Dentists is made up of a compassionate team of like-minded caregivers who bring the highest level of compassion and care to each patient they serve in Los Angeles. Providing high-quality in home dental care to the underserved is a passion for your doctor and his team, and they each value the opportunity to be part of such an amazing dentistry practice.

To learn more, read on what you can expect during in home dental care or call us in Los Angeles today at (626) 594-0374.