August 20, 2020

Dentist Discussing In Home Dental Care With Elderly PatientYour doctor and his team of dental professionals are committed to you—the patient. Their goal is to treat you just like family by providing the highest level of in home dental care available. They are able to accomplish this because your doctor has invested in portable, compact dental equipment that can be taken anywhere.

Not only is your overall oral health their top priority, but they want to ensure your aesthetics are maintained or improved, as well! Your doctor will not place any silver fillings or metal crowns. And if he determines that a tooth must be extracted, he will always provide you with options for a replacement tooth, so your smile is not compromised.

Because in home dental care is not that common, many Orange County residents who call to inquire about the services offered by In Motion Dentists are curious as to how long an in home appointment will last. And truth be told, many men and women expect such convenient services to come with an inconvenient time frame. You’ll be happy to hear that that’s not the case when you choose In Motion Dentists. Keep reading as we tell you more about the many benefits of in home dental care, and what you can expect from your appointment with your doctor.

The Benefits of In Home Dental Care

While many of the Orange County patients seen by In Motion Dentists have no physical limitations that prevent them from visiting a traditional dental office, some of your doctor’s patients struggle with severe dental anxiety, are homebound, or have advanced behaviors or other medical or debilitating health conditions that prevent them from seeing a dentist in-office for care.

The doctors at In Motion Dentists are trained and experienced in treating patients with varying types of needs, such as those with special needs, those in nursing homes, elderly patients, or those with a dental emergency. Rest assured that the safety of you or your loved one is our top priority.

When you choose In Motion Dentists for in home dental care in Orange County, you’ll experience a stress-free appointment. You won’t have to wait for your turn to see your dentist because In Motion Dentists come to you! Some of the biggest benefits of this in home dental care service are:

  • Quality care
  • Proficiency
  • Comfort

What You Can Expect During Your In Home Dental Care Appointment with In Motion Dentists

Your doctor and his team of dental professionals value you as their patient and are dedicated to providing your life with a little more ease and comfort. When you first visit with your doctor, he will perform a comprehensive exam that will include reviewing your medical history and medications, an oral cancer screening, taking x-rays, and discussing any recommendations for treatment. Because they are equipped with portable, compact equipment, In Motion Dentists can perform the same services you would receive in a traditional Orange County dental practice.

Your first initial in home dental care appointment, including the exam and x-rays, usually takes about one hour. However, your doctor will spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure that all your questions or concerns have been addressed. Additionally, depending on the type of treatment required, in home dental care appointments can take a couple of hours to complete. Your doctor will be able to provide you with a more precise time frame based on your specific needs.

Let In Motion Dentists Come to You!

The professionals at In Motion Dentists know that many men and women are too busy or are unable to visit a traditional Orange County dental office for regular care. That’s exactly why your doctor founded his mobile dental practice.


If you or a loved one are in need of in home dental care, please call him today at (626) 594-0374 to book your initial appointment.