In Motion Dentists cares for the dental needs of patients in Los Angeles County through our mobile dentistry services. Our mobile dentist will help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and valued during every dental appointment at your residence. Dr. Wade Banner, Dr. Marc Bernardo, and Dr. Austin Wessling will treat you with compassion and responsibly assist you in attaining your oral health goals.

As mobile dentists, Dr. Banner, Dr. Bernardo, and Dr. Wessling provide dental care for anyone whose unique needs make it difficult to travel to a dental office. Instead of having you come to the dental office, we bring the dental office to you.

Our Mobile Dentist Services

In Motion Dentists offers mobile services throughout Los Angeles County and other nearby counties. Our mobile dentists’ experience serving patients with unique needs allows them to provide the same quality of care in your home or residence, such as an assisted living or extended care facility. Our doctors offer personalized, leading-edge care and promote a lifetime of good oral health and a beautiful smile.

Our doctors know that your dental concerns and needs are unique, so they offer comprehensive services and tailor them to your requirements. Our mobile services for patients with unique needs include:

Special Needs Dentistry

Our dentists have ample experience administering gentle, compassionate care to patients on the autism spectrum, patients with Down’s syndrome, and other patients who have special needs.

Senior & Elderly Dental Care

Our mobile dentistry team is pleased to provide quality oral care to the elderly, including those who have limited mobility or who are mostly homebound. Our doctors work closely with individuals in the privacy of their own homes, memory care facilities, senior living facilities, intensive care facilities, and more.

Dental Emergencies

Cracked teeth and other dental emergencies can happen in a flash, and getting into a dental office in a timely manner is often impossible. By having the dentist come to you at your home or place of work, we can often provide immediate dental care.

Concierge Services

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to alleviate the stress of visiting a traditional dental office. We deliver quality in-home dental treatment for patients whose unique situations prevent them from visiting a dentist.

Referrals from Dental Professionals

Are you a dentist with a patient who can no longer visit your office? In Motion Dentists accepts referrals for patients who are no longer able to travel for dental care. We can provide dental care in the comfort of their own environment.

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