November 27, 2018

Close Up of Dental Equipment in Female's MouthIf you’re considering partnering with Los Angeles County mobile dentist Dr. Banner of In Motion Dentists to care for your special needs loved one; we understand that you likely have a lot of questions about in-home dental care. Whether you were referred to us by your loved one’s former traditional dentist or other health care provider, or you found us through Internet research, you may still be surprised that dentists in this day and age make house calls. And you’re likely wondering, “How does Dr. Banner squeeze everything needed for a dentist appointment into the back of his car and transfer it into my home?”

The Logistics of In-Home Dental Care

From a logistical standpoint, Dr. Banner relies on state-of-the-art portable dental equipment including a dental chair, dental instruments, and dental X-ray to bring to each of his Los Angeles County in-home appointments. He brings all this portable equipment because he wants to make sure your loved one is getting the most thorough dental examination as possible. This dental equipment is housed in specialized cases to protect them, and Dr. Banner transports them with him to every in-home visit he makes. He basically sets up a mini dentist’s office wherever your loved one is most comfortable, whether that be that in their room or the living room.

Personalizing Every In-Home Dental Care Appointment

As a trained dental professional, Dr. Banner knows that every Los Angeles County resident living with a disability or medical condition that prevents travel outside the home has unique needs and abilities and that none of his patients are alike. That’s why he doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for each dental visit. When you call our office to schedule an appointment, our team will spend a significant amount of time asking you about the patient and his or her medical condition and unique needs. This is to create the safest, most thorough examination for your loved one as possible, and allow Dr. Banner time to prepare for the specific needs your loved one may need during his or her dental examination. For example, some homebound patients simply can’t leave home, but have an outgoing personality and easily build trust with Dr. Banner when they’re accompanied by their primary caregiver.

Others may have a deep fear or anxiety of medical or dental procedures and require sedation dentistry for even the most straightforward dental procedures in order to provide him or her with the safest experience possible. Everyone is different, which is why Dr. Banner and his team take the extra time to learn about your loved one’s special requirements.

Procedures Performed in an In-Home Dental Care Setting

Many of the caregivers who call In Motion Dentists are surprised at the wide variety of advanced dental procedures Dr. Banner is able to perform in an in-home setting. In addition to providing regular dental cleanings and routine examinations, Dr. Banner can offer:

  • Emergency services brought on by sudden pain, swelling or tooth injury
  • Placement of crowns and caps
  • Partial dentures
  • Deep cleanings to treat gum disease
  • Bridges
  • Root canals
  • Cavity fillings
  • Dentures
  • Tooth extractions

Call Us Today for More Information

Whether your loved one is recently homebound or hasn’t been to the dentist in years, Dr. Banner is happy to learn about him or her and help. To learn more about In Motion Dentists and our in-home dental care offerings, call our Los Angeles County office today at (626) 210-0941.