Male model for house-call dentist. If you have health conditions, physical barriers, or other concerns keeping you from getting to a traditional dental office, you can still get the care you need to protect your oral health.

A mobile dentist can provide care by coming to you with all the necessary equipment. However, it is important to choose the right doctor for you. 

In Motion Dentists strives to provide the highest-quality mobile dentist services possible to our clients in Orange County. In order to accomplish that, we make sure that all of our doctors and team members meet the following requirements:

Training in Senior and Special Needs Care

Considering the nature of our services, the majority of all mobile dentist clients are either seniors or people with special needs, and both have unique requirements when it comes to dental care. 

For this reason, it is crucial that any mobile dentist you hire is specifically trained and experienced in providing dental care to these types of clients.

A History of Quality Oral Health Care Services

Beyond having the knowledge and experience to work with seniors and those with special needs, your mobile dentist should also have a sterling track record of delivering quality oral health care. 

Compassionate Demeanor

It is important for any mobile dentist you choose to have the necessary skill set to provide the treatment you require. Your dentist and their team should be empathetic, understanding, and dedicated to providing compassionate care. That means being responsive to your questions and concerns, helpful when you are uncomfortable, and careful to meet your needs.

Based Locally

A mobile dentist may be able to travel far and wide, but they can only serve so many communities before they get spread too thin. If you want the most convenient and high-quality oral health care possible, you will want to choose a dentist who works within your community.

At In Motion Dentists, We Meet All Mobile Dentist Requirements

The mobile team at In Motion Dentists has the special training, the proven track record, and the compassionate demeanor to provide all of their clients in Orange County with the in-home dental care they need. 

You do not need to go without oral health care just because you cannot get to a dentist’s office. Reach out to In Motion Dentists today or look at our in-home services to learn more.