July 23, 2020

Special Needs Patient Embracing CaregiverBecause your doctor recognizes that there are many different population niches whose dental needs go unmet due to life circumstances, he has developed mobile, in-home dental care services. His goal is to provide more than just routine exams for those who are unable to visit a dentist in a traditional setting. Your doctor offers complete, comprehensive, and aesthetic in-home dental care in the place where you feel safest—your home or care facility.

If you act as a caregiver for someone in your life, chances are you’re wondering how involved you can be in the care and decisions pertaining to your loved one. In this blog, we will discuss more about how your doctor and his team are able to care for those in need throughout Los Angeles, and further explain how you, as the caregiver, can be there every step of the way.

In Motion Dentists Serve All Demographics

With just a quick phone call to our office, you can book an in-home dental care appointment for your loved one, whether they have special needs or other physical or mental limitations. Your doctor and his team have been working with this patient population for many years and perform honest and reliable work, employing special techniques to ensure their patients feel safe and comfortable throughout their appointment. Our team of doctors is here to make sure your loved one is provided with the highest quality of in-home dental care.

Treating Those with Special Needs with In Home Dental Care

Oftentimes, caregivers of patients with special needs have a difficult time finding a dental professional in Los Angeles who is willing or trained to provide proper dental care. Not to mention, visiting a dental office can often bring on extreme anxiety for many of these special patients. If you care for a loved one with special needs, rest assured that our doctors at In Motion Dentists are all board-certified dentists and members of multiple dental health organizations. They all possess extensive experience providing care for patients with special needs and have a passion for treating this patient population while promoting patient safety and comfort.

Treating the Elderly or Those in Nursing Homes with In Home Dental Care

Many times, men and women enter nursing homes or care facilities because they are no longer able to properly care for themselves. And with declining health, medication is often prescribed. Oral health can be negatively affected by both age and certain medications, which is why your doctor and his team of dental professionals provide in-home dental care at nursing homes across Los Angeles. If you are a caregiver to someone who lives in a nursing home, make plans to attend your loved one’s first appointment with your doctor so you can be well-informed of their oral condition, as well as any treatments he recommends.

Will Your Doctor Involve a Patient’s Caregiver When Providing In-Home Dental Care?

If you have a caregiver, or you provide care for someone else, you’re likely wondering how involved they or you can be when it comes to in-home dental care appointments. As with other doctors and medical professionals in the Los Angeles area, the dentists at In Motion Dentists will only share what the patient allows and with whom they allow.

With your permission, a caregiver can be as involved as the patient wishes. This can also include family members, other healthcare providers, conservators, guardians, and those with Power of Attorney. If you wish to be present during your loved one’s in-home dental care treatment, please be present for the initial exam visit. It is during this time that your doctor or a member of his dental professional team will review medical history, current and past prescriptions taken, dental concerns and questions, and propose treatment options for the patient.

Trust Your Loved One’s Oral Health to In Motion Dentists

Having served these special demographics for many years, your doctor is trained and equipped to bring exceptional dental care to your loved one.

If you’re ready to learn more about how he can help you or those you care for, call his office in Los Angeles today at (626) 594-0374 to schedule your initial consultation!