January 2, 2020

Happy Family Sitting TogetherWhile most people think that resolving a toothache requires a trip to their local dentist, the truth is that there are several people in the Inland Empire in need of thorough dental care who can’t leave home. Whether they’re pregnant and on bedrest, recovering from chemotherapy, or have mental, physical, intellectual, or memory impairment, the dentists of In Motion Dentists visits several local residents every week to provide state-of-the-art, caring in home dental care to those who need it most.

Dental Emergencies Happen to Everyone

We all know just how much a toothache hurts, and how quickly we want them resolved. Now imagine having that toothache, but being unable to travel to the dentist. That’s where in home dental care comes in.

Perhaps you can’t leave your house because you were just released from an Inland Empire hospital for a serious illness, like pneumonia, and your immune system isn’t strong enough for you to travel to public spaces. Or maybe you’re a caretaker for a loved one with a physical disability that makes traveling outside the home difficult. Still others choose a mobile dentist like those of In Motion Dentists for their loved one’s dental needs because they have behaviors or past experiences that make working with your traditional brick and mortar dentist difficult, or they are caring for an elderly family member with a memory impairment who feels safe and comfortable within the walls of his or her home.

Regardless of the reason you or your loved one needs to stay home-based, In Motion Dentists can bring in all the dental equipment he needs to care for your or your family member in the comfort of your own home. With an in home dental care visit, In Motion Dentists are able to:

  • Bring in a professional dental chair, which he can set up in any area of your home to make the patient in need as comfortable as possible
  • Transport sterilized dental instruments into your home to perform any necessary dental work on your loved one
  • Provide sedation dentistry options, if needed, including anesthetic options such as numbing a patient’s mouth if a cavity needs to be drilled and filled

With in home dental care from the dentists of In Motion Dentists, Inland Empire families have the dentist’s office brought into the comfort of their own homes!

Providing Dental Care Whenever You Need It

In Motion Dentists’ understand that special needs patients may have a variety of other specialists or therapy appointments to maintain and have a busy calendar. He also understands that sometimes, that tooth just starts hurting at the most inconvenient time.

In addition to providing in home dental care to Inland Empire residents, In Motion Dentists schedule often allows them to provide emergency services to his patients. This means that your elderly mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or special needs child won’t have to wait long to have his or her urgent dental need addressed. In Motion Dentists can be en route to your home soon to take care of the issue all from the comfort of your own home.

Contact In Motion Dentists to Send Them to Your Home

If you need a mobile dentist in your Inland Empire home to take care of you or your loved one, In Motion Dentists can soon be on their way. Simply call In Motion Dentists today at (626) 594-0374.