November 7, 2019

In Motion Dentists is a mobile dental practice with a passion for serving the Inland Empire’s special needs population. Having their doctors having extensive history of working with many special needs population during dental school, post-grad programs and in private practice, their dentists have found his true calling by working with people in need of dental care who may be more scared, timid, or even uncooperative during their treatment. Their dentists believe everyone deserves proper dental care, and he’s undergone special training to learn how to provide it to patients who might otherwise be turned away by general practice dentists.

Establishing Trust

One of the first things that care providers typically ask the doctors at In Motion Dentists is how a mobile dentist establishes a rapport with their special needs clients so that they have trust while performing dental cleanings or other dental services. From dental schooling, practice, and ongoing education as a member of the Special Care Dentistry Association, their dentists have learned calming techniques to help put otherwise uncooperative patients at ease and allow them to develop a trusting relationship.

Making Your Loved One Comfortable

While trained at oral sedation, our dentists likes to avoid this option unless it’s desired by the patient, care provider, or is absolutely necessary due to the intricacy of the dental procedure being performed. Instead, In Motion Dentists prefers to help their Inland Empire patients relax in their own environment. As mobile dentists, they bring all the necessary dental equipment to your loved one’s home or care facility, including a comfortable dental chair. To help put patients at ease, they can set up this chair in their favorite room, near a television so there is a distraction, or right next to a caregiver who can hold a patient’s hand during a dental procedure to reassure the patient that everything is okay.

Taking As Much Time As Needed

As mobile dentists serving the Inland Empire special needs population, In Motion Dentists have been specifically trained in working slowly and patiently. They understand that time with your loved one is valuable and that it may take several minutes or even an hour to build trust with your loved one before they can begin performing the dental procedure that’s required. Knowing that special needs dental patients typically require longer appointments is exactly why In Motion Dentists blocks out so much time with each of it’s patients, so they have plenty of time to focus on you and your loved one and isn’t rushing to the next appointment on his schedule.

Contact In Motion Dentists to Discuss Your Loved One’s Dental Needs

Whether you’re a caretaker for a family member who is homebound and needs dental work or you manage a care home in the Inland Empire and are looking for a mobile dentist whom you can refer to your patients’ families, In Motion Dentists is happy to speak with you about your unique needs. Their goal in working with patients who may have been uncooperative in an in-office dental setting in the past is to understand their diagnosis and the challenges they face, get a full medical history, and learn from you what helps your loved one feel calm and cared for so he can exhibit that behavior to develop rapport with him or her, too.

To discuss your family’s mobile dentistry needs, contact In Motion Dentists in the Inland Empire today at (626) 594-0374.