February 22, 2019

You may have done some online research and determined that a mobile dentist is the right choice for you due to your busy work schedule, or for your loved one due to his or her inability to easily leave the home. But how can you find someone you can trust – especially with that special person you love so much who has special needs? If you’re a caregiver to someone who’s homebound, you want top quality dental care for him or her that won’t trigger fear or negative reactions. Here’s a list of 5 qualities you should look for in a qualified mobile dentist.

  1. Your Mobile Dentist Is Board Certified and Just as Qualified as Any Traditional Dentist

When it comes to choosing the right dentist for you or your family member, you want to make sure you aren’t skimping on any important professional qualifications. This is what makes Los Angeles County’s Dr. Banner such an excellent choice when it comes to mobile dentistry. Dr. Banner was trained at Western University College of Dental Medicine, and he is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association (where he serves on the Committee for Volunteer Placement), the Special Care Dentistry Association, and the Tri-County Dental Society. Simply put, Dr. Banner is about as credentialed as he can get, including being qualified to work with special needs populations in a manner that promotes patient safety and comfort.

  1. The Dentist You Choose Has a Heart and Passion for Helping Patients Who Would Otherwise Slip Through the Cracks

If you’re trusting your special needs loved one to the care of a mobile dentist, you want to know that he or she has a passion and natural ability for working with those who would otherwise go without dental treatment. Dr. Banner’s heart for the elderly, the medically compromised, and the mentally ill developed when he was in dental school caring for these very same individuals. In fact, that’s where his idea to open In Motion Dentists started. He wanted to reach those in the Los Angeles County who would otherwise slip through the cracks where they’re most comfortable, and provide them with the best dental care possible.

  1. The Mobile Dentist You’ve Chosen Is Available to Meet You or Your Loved One at the Most Comfortable Location for Dental Care

There’s nothing wrong with going to a dentist’s office, and believe us, in Los Angeles County there are some pretty high end and spa-like offices to choose from. But not everyone can easily travel outside of their home. Whether you or your loved one is immunocompromised and needs to limit contact with the outside public, must travel with expensive and bulky medical life-sustaining equipment, or has dentistry anxiety, it just might not be logistically possible to make it to the dentist for regular treatments and urgent care. When you look for a mobile dentist, you want to make sure that he or she is flexible enough to meet where you or your loved one is most comfortable. This may be your home, your office or even a favorite hotel.

  1. Your Mobile Dentist Has Experience Working With Patients of Advanced Age, Serious Medical Conditions, Special Needs or Dentist Anxiety

Perhaps the most important qualification you need to look for when choosing a dentist for your loved one is experience working with special needs populations. It takes extra care, training and patience for a dentist to work with someone who may be scared and uncooperative, may need breaks during treatment for medical reasons, or otherwise needs to be specially treated in a safe and soothing environment. Dr. Banner has worked with these populations since dental school and has developed a love and passion for serving those that others would overlook.

  1. The Dentist You Choose Takes the Time to Learn About the Unique Needs of His or Her Patient

Finally, when you’re looking for a Los Angeles County dentist to treat your loved one on a portable basis, you want to make sure your mobile dentist takes the extra time to learn about the unique needs of the patient. From Alzheimer’s patients to those with intellectual disabilities, to the immunocompromised or those on breathing machines, every special needs patient has unique needs and a unique personality. This is why, during intake, Dr. Banner’s team takes such extra care to inquire about the patient, so he can learn about his or her condition and best prepare for providing the most thorough and respectful dental care possible.

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We know that you don’t want to trust your loved one to just anyone, and that, in order to put your mind at ease, you may like to talk to us multiple times to ensure that our practice is the best fit for your family. That’s perfectly fine! We want you to be well informed and confident in your decision in choosing Dr. Banner to care for your loved one’s dental needs. To reach our Los Angeles County office, call us today at (626) 210-0941.