In Motion Dentists offers patients in Orange County a full range of services for convenient, comprehensive care as a mobile dentist team. Our mobile dentists are passionate about making high-quality dental care accessible by offering house-call services to patients with unique or special needs. Dr. Wade Banner, Dr. Marc Bernardo, and Dr. Austin Wessling provide compassionate care and positive experiences to help you protect your smile within your own home.

Have Our Office Come to You 

In Motion Dentists offers mobile dentistry services throughout Orange County and the counties surrounding it. Our doctors deliver the same high-quality care you would receive in our office. If you cannot receive in-office care, one of our dentists can come to your home or residence, such as extended care or an assisted living facility.

Whether you need an exam and teeth cleaning or more complex care, our complete range of services allows our doctors to customize a treatment plan to match your unique needs. Our house-call dental services include: 

Special Needs Dentistry

Our dentists administer gentle, compassionate care to patients on the autism spectrum, patients with Down’s syndrome, and patients who have other special needs that make traditional dental care difficult to tolerate.

Senior Care

Our mobile dentistry team provides quality oral care for elderly patients, including anyone who has limited mobility or is mostly homebound. Our doctors work closely with individuals in the privacy of their own homes, memory care facilities, senior living facilities, intensive care facilities, and more.

Dental Emergencies

Getting to a dental office in a timely manner after cracking a tooth or other dental emergencies is often impossible. Our dentists can come to your home or place of work, allowing us to immediately provide emergency dental care.

Concierge Services

Our team of dedicated professionals alleviates the stress of visiting a traditional dental office by delivering quality in-home dental exams and treatments. We serve patients whose unique situations prevent them from traveling to a dentist.

Referrals from Dental Professionals

Are you a dentist with a patient who can no longer visit your office? In Motion Dentists accepts referrals for patients who cannot travel for dental care. We can provide dental care in their own homes.

Schedule an Appointment in Orange County! 

You can have the dentist you have been looking for find you and help you have a healthy smile with the mobile dentist team at In Motion Dentists. Our doctors welcome you to experience comprehensive, patient-focused care in your own whome. Schedule an appointment in Orange County by calling (626) 594-0374 or using our online form today.