Male model for teeth replacement options. Dental emergencies can occur to anyone, at any age, but they are significantly more common among the elderly. It is not uncommon for dental emergencies to require tooth replacement procedures.

In Motion Dentists frequently provides our geriatric patients in Orange County with emergency dental services to address tooth loss quickly. These are some of the most common options:

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a minimally invasive procedure designed to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth with the help of the natural teeth on either side. 

The bridge consists of a prosthetic tooth attached by two dental crowns. We prepare the remaining teeth on either side of the gap and fabricate customized crowns onto them, which provides support for the prosthetic. 

This option is great for replacing a tooth without surgery, but it has a few drawbacks. For instance, we must alter the teeth that support the bridge, which can weaken them and leave them more susceptible to damage and decay if not taken care of. Bridges also do not stimulate jaw bone growth; therefore, they can lead to bone loss.


Dentures can replace up to an entire row of teeth at once. They are prosthetic devices that rest above the gum line, and can be removed. Full dentures replace an entire row of teeth at once, while partial dentures replace anywhere from one to several teeth with the use of existing teeth for support. 

This option for tooth replacement is perhaps the simplest, but it has some disadvantages. Dentures do not stimulate bone growth, which means you may experience bone loss and shifting of your facial structure. They are also not fixed appliances meaning they can be difficult or even uncomfortable to eat and speak with.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement and can restore your smile to one that is functional and beautiful. A dental implant is the most successful, long-term option for tooth replacement. The procedure involves fusing a titanium post in the jawbone, and the post then serves as a support for a natural-looking prosthetic tooth. 

The fusion process, known as osseointegration, offers the greatest strength and durability of any other tooth replacement option.

Titanium posts for dental implants should last indefinitely, even if the prosthetic wears down and requires replacement. Implants can also support a bridge or fix a denture into the mouth permanently, giving it far more support than traditional dentures allow.

Emergency Dentists When You Need Them

In Motion Dentists is ready to be your emergency dentist in your time of need. Our team can come to your Orange County home and provide expedient care on short notice. If you have lost a tooth, we will do the preparatory work necessary to alleviate pain and prepare your smile for tooth replacement to maximize functionality. 

Our most common replacement option is the dental implant, but if your circumstances call for a different procedure, we can provide that as well. Read more about our emergency dental services online.