I am the parent of a special needs child. My Erin is a 35 years old female who loves life and has felt with many health issues. One being her teeth. We were faced with a serious situation where Erin was in a great deal of teeth pain. I searched for care but found it almost impossible to get her help. Then we met Dr. Wade Banner if In Motion Dentists. To say he was a God send is an understatement. Form the minute we met him, he gave my Erin hope an assurance that help was near. His demeanor, his caring, his compulsion were welcomed but most importantly were his skills as a dentist. When he said he would come to our home to treat her was a surprise. When he arrived and set up and treated her was an event that I will always remember and appreciate. I am a strong advocate of house-call dental services. My daughter was relaxed in her own surroundings, was wearing comfortable clothes, her dog nearby and Mom with her. Dr. Banner was patient and talked to her with support and respect, giving Erin a sense of calm. He performed the work and Erin was cooperative. 

When Erin was in pain crisis, it was Dr. Banner that again supported our efforts in seeking out the medical treatments she needed. We were again faced with lack of resources and Erin in dire pain. Dr. Banner took up the cause, making calls, contacting dental clinics to assist, looking at insurance options and continually communicating with me. He came to her rescue, providing the care she needed at home and my Erin enjoyed the holidays pain free. 

Dr. Banner, his staff (especially Lucy), his practice are a welcomed addition to services for the special needs population. I know the obstacles my Erin has faced and the lack of support so often seen. To know that Dr. Banner is available for Erin, providing in house care, gives me peace. My daughter is important and Dr. Banner recognizes that importance and provides her with care that gives her a better quality of life. 

I write this in the hope of providing information to those in need so as to avoid anyone suffering through dental pain. I strongly support house call dentistry and support Dr. Banner. It offers the hope our kids need to dental care.