Dear Dr. Banner,

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. And, to express my appreciate for the service you provide as a house-call dentist. My mother is a resident of Sunrise at San Marino and is confined to a wheelchair. I live over 400 miles away in northern California. When I was told my mother had broken her denture I was lost as how to get her denture replaced. Trying to physically get her to and from a dentist office for multiple visists was going to be extremely stressful for my mother. One of my mother’s nurses offered a few dentist names for me to try and see who would be the most convenient as well as the most cost effective since my mother didn’t have dental insurance. When I learned that you offered house calls I immediately called your office. And, as they say first impressions are everything. I was greeted professionally and friendly with someone who made me feel very comfortable with the service. As promised they followed up with any email an appointment and cost information. I was also impressed with a follow-up call from you confirming the service you would provide and a schedule of the visits you would make to fit the dentures for my mother. 

The first couple of visits I made arrangements for my mother’s nurse to be present because my mom often gets a little anxious with strangers and not be willing to work with them. However, after the first couple of visits the nurse let me know that Dr. Banner had a great “bedside manner” with my mom and made her very comfortable. As a result she didn’t feel a need to be present for the visits. 

Needless to say, Dr. Banner’s service is not only unique, but it also fills a void in the market place of providing comprehensive dental services not only to senior citizens but for those who don’t have the mobility or the resources available to travel to a traditional dentists office. 

Thank you again Dr. Banner for not only making this process easy and comfortable for my mom, but also for making it easy for me and making me feel at ease. 

Glen G.

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