Implant dentures are entire upper or lower dentures supported by dental implants. The implants fuse with your jawbone and become a solid anchor for attaching a denture. In Motion Dentists in La Verne, CA has a record of safe, successful treatment with implant dentures to help you speak, eat, and smile with confidence. From snap-on dentures to Smile in a Day procedures, our doctors can help you rebuild your smile.

How Are Implant Dentures Different from Regular Dentures?

A regular complete denture is a removable oral appliance that replaces all your missing teeth. The lower denture rests on your gums, and suction keeps an upper denture in place. Instead of resting on your gums, implant dentures attach to two to six dental implants anchored in your jawbone. A removable implant denture, also called snap-on dentures, can snap or clip onto dental implants for support while they are worn. These dentures are taken out and soaked while you sleep, just like traditional dentures. A fixed implant denture, on the other hand, screws onto implants. The dentures are basically permanent teeth at that point, brushed and flossed just like your original smile. They can only be removed by a dental health professional during a checkup.

Ideal Candidates for Implant Dentures

You may wonder if you qualify for implant dentures. In most cases, anyone healthy enough for oral surgery can receive them. With our commitment to serving all communities near La Verne, you can receive your implant dentures from In Motion Dentists if you live in Los Angeles County or Orange County.

But long-lasting implants require your time and diligent care. So, before placing your implants, we ensure that you have good physical and oral health, an understanding of implant benefits and risks, and a commitment to keeping your implants healthy.

Missing Teeth

If all your upper or lower teeth are missing or too damaged to save without harming your oral health, implant dentures may be an option. The stability of implants improves your experience with wearing dentures and helps them look and feel more like natural teeth.

Good Health

Most people who need dentures also qualify for implants, but we will review your medical and dental histories to ensure they are right for you. Uncontrolled illnesses that increase inflammation, such as diabetes, can interfere with the healing process. But having diabetes does not disqualify you from getting implants. Also, tobacco products can increase the risk of complications during the healing process. Still, we will explain how any health issues may affect your treatment plan. And after receiving dental implants, it is essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home and keep your hygiene and exam appointments with us.

What Is Involved in the Implant Denture Process?

The implant denture process begins with a consultation with us at In Motion Dentists. We will listen to your concerns about wearing dentures and your preferences for implant dentures. Then, we will take x-rays, photos, molds, and digital scans of your mouth. The information will help us evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone structure. Next, we will create a treatment plan and explain what you can expect.

Dental implant surgery is an outpatient procedure. You will have a safe, comfortable surgery and recovery. We will make small incisions through your gums and jawbone using digital technology for precise implant placement. After surgery, you can wear a temporary denture for three to four months while your jawbone and implants fuse. Then, we will fit you for beautiful, comfortable replacement teeth.

Smile in a Day

Another unique benefit of implant dentures is that they can be used to give you a new smile in a single visit. The Smile in a Day treatment concept places a small number of implants, usually around four, into the jaw. These implants are then covered by your temporary dentures while they integrate into the jaw for permanent support. Once your implants have fully healed, the healing dentures are swapped out for your new permanent smile.

Not every patient may be able to take advantage of the Smile in a Day process. You should ask the doctors at In Motion Dentists if this approach is right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures create a positive life-changing experience. You will enjoy these benefits:

  • Enjoyable eating – Your chewing-muscle control will improve, making it easier to eat with dentures and enjoy your favorite meals again.
  • Jawbone preservation – Implants stimulate bone and keep it intact to prevent premature facial sagging.
  • Natural speech – Stable dentures help you pronounce words easily and speak naturally—no more clicking or popping noises.
  • Comfort – Implants add stability that helps dentures feel relatively natural.
  • Ease of maintenance – Care for them daily like natural teeth. You will not need adhesives to keep your denture in place.
  • A more confident smile – Your improved quality of life will help you smile more often.

You’re in Good Hands With In Motion Dentists

Implant dentures from In Motion Dentists in La Verne, CA are the most effective tooth replacement for missing teeth. Serving all communities within Los Angeles County and Orange County, our implant dentistry is available to everyone who needs a new smile. We will ensure you understand your options and give you safe, comfortable, and long-lasting implant dentures. Call us at (626) 594-0374 to learn more about your options.