How Do Mobile Dentists Handle Uncooperative Patients?

In Motion Dentists is a mobile dental practice with a passion for serving the Inland Empire’s special needs population. Having their doctors having extensive history of working with many special needs population during dental school, post-grad programs and in private practice,

Finding the Best Concierge Dental Care in the Redlands Area

Whether you’re a business executive in Redlands, you’re in the area for work, or you’re a tourist who’s sightseeing or visiting family and friends, you probably know that dental emergencies can strike at any time. Whether you have a painful toothache that you can’t treat on your own with over-the-counter medication,

Do Mobile Dentists Provide Anesthetic Options?

As an Inland Empire mobile dental office, the dentists at In Motion Dentists know that caregivers like you have special hearts. Whether you’re providing direct care for a loved one, or you’re part of a care home or in-home care

3 Differences Between Concierge Dental Care and Regular Dental Care

Many Redlands patients are beginning to choose concierge dental care over traditional, in-office dental care. The reasons are plenty. Some who choose to be cared for by a mobile dentist like In Motion Dentists are busy business executives who simply can’t fit a trip to their local dentist into their ever-changing schedules.

Featured In “The Washington Post”

Wade Banner, a Southern California dentist, took the matter into his own hands in 2014, when he launched a mobile dental program and began making house calls to patients with developmental disabilities. Banner, who has a nephew with autism